Children Birthday Party Foods

Children Birthday Party Food is something that excites a young heart thus it should be special. Children are so eager and curious to know about the food. The kings of birthday party food is cake, candies, drinks, jellies and many more. There are many options to offer children on birthday parties and many of them can be made and some need to be ordered from the market.
The birthday party food should be of good taste and choice of children especially the birthday of kids. The birthday theme and birthday food match with each other. Make something special for your child on his birthday by reading from some recipe book and try different cuisines like Italian, Chinese or continental.

Advance planning and preparation is always good and discuss the menu with your child and always make some extra cookies and sweet dish as children take them little extra.

Delicious Food  for Kids Birthday Party

1. Cookie Cake
2. Sewing Party Cake
3. Build a Sundae
4. Teddy Bear Cake
5. Making Cakes
6. Snow White Treat
7. Princess Cake
8. Pizza Cake
9. Tutti-Frutti Pizza
10. Birthday Cake
11. Ice Cream Soda
12. Ice Cream Cone
13. Cheerios Party 1yr
14. Pancakes & PJs
15. Ice Cream Cups
16. Princess Sandwich
17. Children’s Cocktails
18. Decorate a Cake
19. Green Eggs and Ham
20. Honorable Mention

Recipe for caramel coated popcorn as it is one of the best birthday party food for children as well as adults. It is liked by almost everyone and easy to make and cheap in cost. Caramel popcorn are very easy in making and a quick service for birthday party menu.

The ingredients you need to make caramel popcorn is :

3-4 cups popcorn
125g butter
3/4 cup caster sugar

Use a roasting dish with nonstick baking paper on it then put popcorn on it. On the other side, put the butter and casted sugar in a saucepan and stir in low heat until the sugar dissolves in the mixture completely and start boiling. Let it boil for 5-7 minutes until the mixture changes its color. It will have a light caramel color. Swirl the pan to get an even color and you don’t need to stir it anymore. Cover most of the popcorn by pouring caramel on it. Always mix it with wooden spoon and take care of your skin; it may burn by a single drop.

Cool it for a while and serve it to your guest to make your birthday party more interesting with a delicious food.