Premarital Counseling for a Happy Married Life

December 17, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

Getting married can be one of the major steps in life and specifically when it is an arranged marriage. Though the concept of getting hooked might be exciting, one needs to mentally get prepare to welcome this change in life. Thus it is imperative to undergo Premarital Counselling just months before you say “I do”.… Read more

Compliment For Guys

December 16, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

‘What are the right compliments for guys’ is one question that lingers in the minds of many girls who are new to the ecstasy of love. It is equally important for those who want to start off a budding romance with that someone special. Getting the compliments for guys right,  is one such wand that not only brings a wide grin to your man’s face but also leaves him thinking about you for a long time.… Read more

Mistakes Men Make

December 13, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

The article will focus on the basic mistakes men make with women while they are interacting with them or are trying to impress them. Many men never make it past the first check post with women and even if they pass the initial litmus test they can’t make it to a dating stage.… Read more

Romantic Letter to Girlfriend

December 9, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

Want to impress your girl in a unique and yet romantic way? Write a romantic letter to your girlfriend. A letter is the best way to move your girlfriend when you have a lot to say and your lips simply fail to utter a single word in front of her.… Read more

Sweet Love Letters for Girlfriend

November 12, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

A sweet love letter for girlfriend is counted as one of the finest manifestation of love for any girl. So this season melt her heart with an astounding and cute love letter. Express your innermost feelings, thoughts and desires in a subtle and simple way through a cute love letter for girlfriend. Astonish your beloved with your ability to play with words and touch her soul through a sweet love letter.… Read more

Love Messages For Her

November 12, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

In the world of technology, expressing love is getting easier day by day by sending simple love messages for her. A love message includes the emotions and all the loving feelings for your partner which you have not said yet. However, some find it very difficult to express their emotions to their significant one.… Read more

How to Get a Guy in 10 Days

November 10, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

How to get a guy in 10 days’ sounds like a challenge from some reality TV show and may look like a difficult job to many of you ladies. But it is not; if the approach to get a boy to like you is right. Some of you might think of it as a movie script.… Read more

How To Know If You Are In Love?

November 8, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

Mostly when you ask someone ‘how to know if you are in love’, the most common answers you get goes like- you get the butterfly effect in your tummy, you keep smiling without reason, you can’t sleep at night, your heart starts pounding when you come across your love and the like.… Read more

Love Spells that Works

November 7, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

“All is fair in love and war”, a very common if not overused phrase. At the moment let’s concentrate on the Love part. When you know you love someone and know it in your heart that he/she is definitely the elusive ‘one’, time is of the essence. And it usually happens that at precisely that particular point cupid decides to take his annual coffee break.… Read more

Cute Love SMS for Wife

November 4, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

So you are married!! No issue. It’s very simple to make your wife fall for you all over again, provided you know the trick. Let me aware you that women, by nature, love to be pampered and especially by the one who values in their life the most. Hence why not take advantage of this and send Cute Love SMS for Wife.… Read more