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Do’s And Don’ts of Long Distance Relationship

September 18, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

Couples face challenge and undergo many pitfalls in maintaining their relationship and even then some survive to have a strong long distance relationship happy and relishing. Love is the most powerful feeling and the only reason for the survival of long distance relationships by following some do’s and don’tsLong distance relationship are tough to maintain but not impossible.… Read more

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LDR Surprises

September 8, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

LDR Surprises, one of the most creative ways to keep the warmth and true essence of your relationship alive and strong, even after distances of miles prevail between you two. We all know that love needs patience and strong commitment, especially when a relationship is tested by distance. Distances in love always put your patience at test and becomes even more demanding when your soul mate is somewhere in another corner of the globe.… Read more

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Questions For Long Distance Relationship Couples

August 7, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

You are away from your love and this geographical distance may create gap between your love and hearts. You surely don’t want that and want to make things interesting and exciting between you to. The only option to get connected is to talk as much as you can. With the help of new technology, there are many options like phones, chats, video callings and others.… Read more

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LDR Gift Ideas For Her

August 5, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

LDR gifts ideas for her will help you to make your girlfriend happy even with the long physical distance between both of you.  Pampering your girl is not always easy and when you are carrying a long distance relationship, you need to put extra efforts to surprise your girl and make her happy.… Read more

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Long Dating Relationship Advice

July 1, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

Long dating relationship is tough to manage these days. The new generation can’t sustain their interest for long time.  In relationship it generally happens that couples start taking each other for granted, they start losing charm after a certain period of time. Sometimes it happens as the human tendency which losses focus on anything after particular time but other times it may be a fault of any partner or distraction because of other things. … Read more

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LDR Facts

June 17, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

Long Distance Relationship Facts can solve the problems faced by couples no matter what the distance is. While it is not possible to see your dear one frequently, these facts will pave the path to a healthy relation despite the miles between you two. All relationships have challenges; however long distance relationships often present additional ones.… Read more

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Long Distance Relationship Text Messages

June 5, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

It’s really hard to live in long distance relationship. The ache of missing someone special in your life is really painful and unbearable.  You can uphold the charm of your loving relationship through long distance relationship text messages.  Love mates who are apart from each other can get connected to each other with long distance loving messages through the blessings of new technology like Skype, video chats and mobile phone. … Read more

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Long Distance Relationship

May 5, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

Long distance relationship has agony and ecstasy together. It shows the strong bonding and love between two individuals beyond the limits. Long distance relationship strengthens the love as it proves that love does not need connection, it remains in heart not in touch. Long distance relationship may have any reason for getting apart from each other but has only one reason to be in connected and that is simply love.… Read more

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Advice For A Successful Long Distance Relationship

March 15, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

It is really hard and tough to maintain a happy and strong long distance relationship with such physical differences between two partners. It has been said that “distance makes heart fonder” is that true? Are you really feeling the same? The confusion and misunderstandings created by long distance between the two souls are very difficult to handle but not that impossible.… Read more

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Romantic Ideas For LDR

March 7, 2020 Valentine Carnival 0

Romantic ideas for LDR to keep the charm of love and romance alive even with long geographical distances. It’s really hard for couples to stay apart and still maintain the charm with in.  In long distance relationship, couples are limited in what they can do together and it makes very hard for them to understand each other and do romantic talks.… Read more