Cheap Date Ideas

There are no excuses in love when it comes to spending time with your sweetheart, not even when you are flat broke. This write up on cheap dating ideas will help you to have an amazing time with your loved one without applying for a loan in the Central Bank of Dating! Cheap dating ideas are all about economising the date or rendezvous with your partner without compromising on the romantic equation. Our assorted collection of best cheap dating ideas will help you organise a pocket friendly date without coming across as a miser or someone who is not interested.

There are still some people who believe that a date would always mean expensive presents and dining at exotic restaurants. But it is possible to keep the dating expenditure low and yet have an enjoyable and love filled time with your partner. After all it’s not the dollars, but the time you spend with your beloved partner that adds to the connection and bond of love you both share. So take heed to our cheap dating ideas to help you organise an outing or date that does not disrupt your bank statement and still keeps the passion and love on a higher footing in your alliance.

Cheap Date Ideas

Let us have a look at some of the cheap date ideas which can be of great help to you. Please your dear one in the most pocket friendly ways.

Cheap Date Ideas:

  • Take a trip to the museum: There are several town galleries where the front is totally free and make up for a fun and cheap date ideas. Apart from that, these galleries also have exciting things to see and learn from. Making your reservation for two tickets for an art gallery over the week days would make up for an easy cheap date idea. This allows you to have enjoyable together and still keeping the expenditure low.
  • House Party: It is one of the best cheap dating ideas and best way to have fun in the most pocket friendly manner. Set up a mini bar at house, plug in some cool jazz or rock music, dim the lights and bingo! You get a personalised discotheque at home. Dancing and getting drunk together is one of the wonderful ways to have time together. 
  • A photography outing to an abandoned place in your city: It is the most inexpensive date ideas in the list. Take out your cameras and head for the abandoned buildings or parks in the town. You will have a great time while having your personalized photo shoot. Pose for some funny photos, spend some time having an intimate chat and rest is assured.    
  • Picnic: This is one cheap dating idea which can never go wrong. Pack some snacks, drinks and board games and head to a secluded picnic spot. Challenging each other for a game or reading a book or sharing your funny secrets will add more fun to the date. If possible go cycling to the date venue, we guarantee you will have a nice time on the way.
  • Dinner and movie date at home: if you are looking for a low on budget yet high on romance date, nothing is more intriguing then cooking a nice meal together and watching some classic romantic movies. If it is feasible then make it a terrace date and spend some time star gazing and having a romantic conversation. You can also plan a surprise for your mate on the terrace, may be some decoration with flowers and candles.  
  • Going for a long drive: Get your car on the road and go out on a long drive with your lover. You can ride to the greener part of the city and click pictures together at your preferred locations. Have some meal packed from home and you are all set to have a good time with your lover.
  • Gaming Date: There can’t be any other place as comfortable as your own home. Invite your partner over lunch and spend the day by playing some of your favourite video games and asking some funny and situational questions in between. It is the most fun and cheap date idea.
  • Watch the sun set together: if you have a big terrace or a nice balcony you can watch the sun set while indulging in a romantic chat and sipping ice tea. You can also go on a bike ride or a walk to the lake side or to a park and watch the sunset together. The dimming light creates the most soothing and romantic ambience. Embrace it while wrapped up in each other’s arms. It makes up for one of the best cheap date ideas.