Crazy Date Ideas

You are a teenage and don’t want to follow the typical tradition of date, going movies or lunch in a restaurant. Teenagers are famous for making fun out of anything by doing some crazy stuff.  Date is a time to enjoy with a stranger and make him/her impress by the activities and this is universal fact that everyone enjoys the company of smiley face and laughing voice.

Crazy date ideas give you some activities which can make your date funny and remarkable for both of you. Do some unique stuff and have fun with your mate on evening with the touch romance with smiles.

Top Crazy Date Ideas

Play a new Sport– You must have date in coffee bar, dinner at nice restaurant or a ball dance in formal dance party but have you ever thought of getting dirty and playing games like football or volleyball. Try some games like this and have fun with your date. Craziness is way to fun romantic relationship.

Cook together– Taking her out for dinner or lunch is typical tradition of lovers. If you are special do something special, don’t cook any sweets or cake for her either join her for cooking and do some crazy stuff at kitchen. Have a great time together.

Surprise Tour– Taking your date out for a picnic and plan a vacation is really great fun but crazy date ideas have something very unique to offer you. Just pack your bags and ask your date to come with you and on the airport ask her to choose any destination for the vacation. A vacation without any plans is more fun than planned one.

Comedy Club– There must be comedy nights and comedy clubs where anyone can enjoy and laugh out loud to enjoy the life.  Take your date to a fun club and enjoy the craziness of artist.

Fun in Zoo- Watching animals is always fun, woman are so sympathetic to animals. You can find exotic animals and create an ambience of love between the craziness of animals.

Bungee Jumping– if you are really looking for crazy date idea then bungee jumping is best among all. Have fun with you date and tell her that this is the best way to face the fear and console her for her fear.  Take her to lunch or for coffee after it and see the closeness you get after this.