Love Dating Tips

‘First impression is the last impression’ everyone is familiar with this saying. It is true for the first date as well. So leave no stone unturned to woo your new found love with our top 10 fun first date ideas.

Everything first in a relationship is very special and has an effect on the longevity and health of the relationship, be it the first date, first kiss, first night out or first vacation. But the first date is the deciding factor of what course the relationship will take. Therefore, you must give your 100 per cent to make the first date unique, romantic and fun filled. Our assorted list of top 10 fun first date ideas can help you give a good romantic start to your love endeavour.

But before we proceed to the top 10 fun romantic first date ideas, you should be familiar with certain dos and don’ts of the first date. First of all you have to understand that first date is all about knowing your new found love. Hence you should take due care not to go over the board with the expenditure on your first date. This might make the other person anticipate more extravagance from you in coming time. And if you do not deliver on that front in future, it can be counter-productive for your happy relationship. Likewise you must not push the limits in any matter on the first date, be it physical intimacy or another bowling game. You must take other person’s opinion on everything you do on your first date.

So make your first date with your latest love interest exciting and creative with our 10 fun first date ideas. Take a cue from these fun romantic ideas to secure another date with your new mate.

Top Fun Date Ideas

  • Old fashioned pub: Take your newly found sweetheart to an old fashioned pub in your city. But you should make sure that this place is not very crowded and the ambience is good. Else it won’t be a fun first date idea.
  • Visit Aquarium: You can also visit aquarium for a fun first date with your mate. It’s really amazing to see the underwater creatures; they are colourful and lovely enough to keep your interest alive in it. Make you date memorable with fishes and crabs.
  • Hot air balloon: It can be a remarkably fun first date idea. A hot air balloon with champagne and amazing view can be a remarkably fun romantic idea to get along with your loved one.
  • Flower show: If your date has some special love for flowers then you can take her to a flower show on the first date. Your considerate gesture will surely touch her heart.
  • Ice skating: It makes to the list of top 10 first date ideas for its fun and thrill. Skating in a rink together for an hour will bring out the child inside you and will be a good laugh too especially if it is your first time. Ideally it should be followed by lunch.
  • Special event: You can go to the nearby theatre or fair or carnival for a fun first date. Such events are always fun and great experience for couples. However before taking your date to any such event you should confirm the other person’s interest in it.
  • Pool or bowling game: Another fun first date idea is to challenge your new love for a pool or bowling game. A bit of rivalry will give you a good laugh and make your first date unique and unforgettable.
  • Art gallery or museum: An art gallery or museum with slow music and great ambience is a best place to visit on first day as it gives you chance to impress your newest love. People generally like the ones who have deep interest in the antique and historic things in the world.
  • Fishing: Pack your basket with some snacks, muffins and beer and head to the lake for a fishing afternoon with your date. It is immensely fun first date idea and good way to know each other.
  • Wine Tasting: You can head to a vineyard for a fun and romantic first date. A brewery tour is really exciting and romantic. But before planning such a date you should make sure that your date has a liking for wine.