Second Date Ideas

First date is always little scary with excitement, there must be confusion and tension of meeting a new person. The first date is to analyse each other and know each other’s interest. You must have great conversation on the first meeting but still there are so many things to know about each other. You both were behaving so sophisticated and formal with each other but on second date this can’t be carried by anyone of you.

Try something different or opposite to the first date, like if it was so formal and on five star restaurants this time try a movie or a park to hangout. Show your other side to your partner.  You have impressed her enough on the first day to go with you on the second date. Second date ideas can help you to make an impact on your date so your relation can move forward. But this time be aware don’t hype yourself anymore; you first date already given her much expectations.

Top Second Date Ideas

Watch a Game– Have some fun on your second date. Come out from your formal and sophisticated behavior. Watching a game and knowing each other interest in game and favourite players is a best way to enjoy your second date and get intimate with your partner.  There are so many options for you like football, baseball, polo and rugby.

A Park- You can also date in a park and spend a quality time with each other. Speak out as much as want, be comfortable and friendly with her. Take advantage of beautiful surroundings and make your second date memorable for her also.

Adventurous Date– It is very interesting for adventurous hearts to go treasure hunting and do adventure with GPS enabled phones. This is great fun on second date and considered to be a best second date idea for couples to build their trust.

Get Wet– You had enough talks on first date and mange to take her interest. This is a time to show her the brighter side of your, the great fun and romantic gestures she can get by you. Go for some amusement park and play games in water, have great fun and get wet on your second date.

Visit to haunted house– Second date must take you little close to each other. Visiting a haunted house is best idea for second date, it give many instances to hold your guy’s hand and these frightening things build trust between you and him.

Picking Apple–  Look smart and hold him tightly, show your strength pull her up, lot of other activities can be done in picking apples. Enjoy your second date with an amazing idea of apple picking.