Role of Flowers In Our Life

The role of flowers in our life has been immense during the course of the history. The importance of flowers can be traced back to various religious texts, folk tales and myths apart from their use in weddings. Some of the flowers were used as food and are still eaten by many tribes, while others are used as medicines. Early man also recognized the aesthetic role of flowers; in fact, some ancient cultures believed that they could appease the spirits of their ancestors by decorating their tombs with a particular type of flower.

The most essential role of flowers in our life is that it is used to convey emotions and thoughts. Over time a certain meaning has been attached to flowers. And now we have a flower for every emotion, be it love, grief, happiness, or gratitude. Try expressing them to your loved ones with the gift of flowers. Apart from that, the role of flowers in life also extends to affecting our moods. The presence of colourful flowers around you soothes you and brightens your mood. The healing properties of flowers have also been proven by scientific research.

Rose, lily, orchids, sunflower, daffodils and tulips, all have deep significance in human life. Given below are few important roles of flowers in our life.

Importance of flowers in Life

  • Flower in Decoration– Most of the people decorate their home with flowers and enjoy the fragrance of flower and enhance the beauty of their home with flowers. Flowers are used to welcome guests at house in some traditions and it adds to the taste of your meals and pleases your senses if you put some flowers on the dining table.  People will surely admire your house if you have a terrace garden with beautiful flowers or have some exotic flower varieties in your front lawn. A house with decoration of flowers is always enchanting and radiant and it keeps the inhabitants calm and relaxed. Flowers are also used to decorate the venues and homes for special occasions and festivals. Such is the importance of flowers that they add to the beauty of any place.
  • Love symbol– Another role of flowers in our life is as love symbols. The importance of flowers in our life is best seen in the love relationships where flowers are part of every special date and occasion. Flowers are used to express your love and proposing your better half for the first time. The pioneer among them is the rose. Its different colours connote different meanings, especially the red rose that conveys the message of your love and affection to your loved one in the best possible way. Such is the importance of flowers that they say it all without even a single word from you. Roses have become the ultimate symbols to express the human emotions and a romantic notion for couples.
  • Atmosphere– Flowers create the atmosphere of relaxation and calm feeling all around. When you have nothing to say then use flowers.  Flowers are used for expression of love, sorrow, grief, sorry and even gratitude.  Flowers can express those feelings which are hard to be put in words and difficult to be explained otherwise. For instance, you can give a flower to someone whose window you broke yesterday or you can just revitalise someone‚Äôs mood with some fresh flowers. The importance of flowers increase many folds when you have to meet someone for the first time or when you have to take out your new found love for a first date. They serve as an excellent present for the ones whose choices you do not know. Flowers are always the face savers and the safest options to gift someone whose preferences you do not know. The atmosphere is so beautiful and charismatic with flowers.
  • Flowers and Women– Flowers and women have a close and hard to comprehend connection. They both are considered as the best and the most beautiful creation of god. Flowers are used to enhance the beauty of women by using as hair accessories or using in the beauty products and treatments of the women. Flowers compliment the beauty of a woman. They are also the best gift when you are meeting a woman for the first time or to give to a lady when you are visiting her house for the first time. Not to mention the importance of flowers in your love life. Whether your mate is pissed off or you just want to please her, flowers are the most dependable choice.