Friendship Bands

The first Sunday of August is a very precious day for friends as this is a day to celebrate the close bonding of friends and rejoice the day with your best buddies. The day lets you commemorates the beautiful bond of friendship with your well-wisher, confidante, best buddy and a real true friend. Friends are those people in your life who are with you at the most crucial time of your life. Friend is one individual with whom you are you, a true person, no plastic, no formalities, and no etiquettes to show. That is why friends are called the true partners of life and have unique bonding of friendship make it more special with Friendship bands.

Friendship day is celebrated with pleasant gifts for friends and make memories to cherish whole life. You must remember that thread of friendship bands in childhood which can bring a smile on your face even today. A single colorful thread on friendship day enriches with the feelings of respect, love, bonding, trust, togetherness and joy. A single thread commits your trust and support to your friend for life time. The charm of friendship has not end till date, even today the most precious gift on friendship day is friendship bands and tying that band on your friends hand is like a pleasant experience of your life.

The variety of friendship bands is available in market to gift your friends.  The jewelry bands, silver bands, rubber bands, wooden bands with the names written on it are best option to gift your friend. The personalized bands have special value and most admired by friends. You can make your own friendship band with colorful threads and tie it on your friend’s wrist and strengthen your bonding with him. The long friendship band is there on your and your friend’s wrist you will remember each other and feel the responsibility of carrying the precious bonding and relation with your friend.

How to Make a Friendship Band

  • Select the embroidery strands of your desired color. Choose as many strands as wide you want your band to be. Different colors of strands would give striped effect which looks so beautiful on friendship bands.
  • The length of thread must be measured from your finger tip to your shoulder.
  • Cut all the strings you have selected to make your band, minimum 3 strings are required and maximum as you want.  The different colors of strands will give more catching look to the band.
  • Tie the ends of the thread in a square knot and pin up with safety pin to tighten the threads. You can hold it in your thighs with a safety pin to make it far enough to lengthen the bracelet.
  • Spread the thread to get thread in your desired order; do not cross the threads too much to let your knot less bulky. Make several shot braids in bracelet before spreading the thread out foe a pattern.
  • Strand1 must be knotted around the thread straightaway to its right thread that must be second thread. Loop it over right thread and back, and finally the loop created. At the end pull the strand one to tighten into the knot.
  • Start making the knots horizontally and repeat the step 6 to make the knots of first strand in the entire row.
  • Then you need to do the same with other strands like thread 2 and you will be done with the second thread like the first.
  • Continue the steps 6 and 7 with all the threads to knot them in the row. Make it little loose to be tied in the  wrist of your friend’s hand
  •  Lastly tie the loose ends on the other side like in the starting; the knot must be the square one.