Friendship Day Wishes In Different Languages

There are many different languages in the world and expression of feelings is done by all those different languages. Languages can be different in different regions but some relations and feelings have similar bonding and feelings everywhere. Friendship is one of the special relations which have same feeling and strong bonding in all the different regions of the world. Friendship day wishes in different languages is used by different people around the world and celebrated with joy and happiness.

You can celebrate your friendship day with the creative ways like wishing your friend in as many languages as many years, months you have been with him. There are many options friendship day gift options and you can select the best according to the choice and taste of your friend. Friendship day wishes in different languages on a personalized card is a pleasant gift for friend. It shows your efforts and creativity to your friend.

Friendship day wishes in different languages is not bound to use on friendship day only but it can be a pleasant joke and a good content to share with your friends. Friendship is a relation to celebrate and enjoy time together and it will be a great fun to call your friends in different languages and wish them friendship day wishes in completely different words or different languages which they have never heard before.
21 Friendship Day Wishes In Different Languages

  1. Spanish- freindship días felices
  2. Dutch- gelukkig Freindship dag
  3. Czech- freindship šťastný den
  4. Estonian- õnnelik freindship pave
  5. Filipino- Maligayang freindship araw
  6. French- jours heureux friendship
  7. German- glücklich freindship Tag
  8. Greek- ευτυχισμένη ημέρα friendship
  9. Indonesian- senang freindship hari
  10. Irish- lá freindship sásta
  11. Italian- Amicizia giorno felice
  12. Japenese-幸せfreindship日
  13. Korean-행복 freindship 일
  14. Latin- beatus freindship die
  15. Maltese- jum kuntenti friendship
  16. Persian- روز freindship خوشحال
  17. Portuguese- freindship dia feliz
  18. Romanian- fericit freindship zile
  19. Russian- счастливый день friendship
  20. Swedish- lyckligt freindship dag
  21. Turkish- mutlu freindship gün

You can make your gift more interesting and exciting to your friend my writing the friend in different languages.

Albanian – mik
Afrikaans – vriend
Chinese Рp̩ngyou
Dutch – vriend, vriendje
Danish – ven
Estonian Рs̵ber
Filipino(Tagalog) – kaibigan
French – ami
German – freund
Georgian – megobari
Hungarian – barát
Indian – dost
italian – amico
Irish – cara
Japanese – tomodachi
korean — jingu
Latin — amicus
Manx — carrey
Old English — freond, wine
Persian — dust
Russian — prijátel
Sanskrit — mitra
Spanish — amigo
Swahili — rafiki
Turkish — dost,arkadas

Any friendship gift is not sufficient enough to give your friend for his/her support and love to you. But the innovative idea of wishing your friend the friendship day wishes in different languages is something which will be loved by every friend.