Friendship Ring

Wearing rings have been in tradition from years, it symbolize so much things and sentiments.  In early times rings used to wear by groups with the same design and pattern to show unity between the groups.  Rings are most used to show the belongingness and followed by many people in marriages or in engagements.  The most popular bands or rings are engagement rings, marriage rings and friendship rings as it bounds individuals in a strong relation.

Friendship rings are used to symbolize the strongest relation without having blood relation or any close relatives, in many countries it is said that friendship rings are wore by those close buddies who are as close as brother and sister and show the world that they are in bond of unconditional support and love and care which is beyond any blood relation.

Friendship rings are generally worn on little finger, but there is no set of rule to wear friendship ring but many of the people wear it on little finger to differentiate it from other.  Some friends love to show that they have someone special in their life that is so close and this ring shows the appreciation of deep care and support of the friend.

Irish Calddagh is the most famous friendship rings which were firstly used as love symbol between the lovers but now the tradition has changed and used between the friends because it consist of two hands and heart as it depicts the strong relation between the friends who are two different individuals but one single heart.  It is mostly used by best friends and young generation.  There is no confusion in this ring as it has one meaning and that is strong friendship.

Irish Calddagh comes in different metals like in gold, platinum and silver. Friendship rings have many other designs also like plain bands and little designs on top or with alphabets of friend’s name. Some are very colorful and some are based on individual’s choice of color. These friendship rings are much used to gift on friendship day and friends exchange them with a promise of togetherness and support.