Make Girlfriend Happy After Fight

Arguments may lead to big fights and then a blunder issue.  Argument may have any issue, it may be your fault or her but she is angry with you and you can live like this. Your male ego does not allow you to directly say sorry to her and apologies for your mistake.  There are some suggestions to make your girlfriend happy even after your big mistake. It is always better to solve the problem and settle down the argument as soon as possible as it may lead to losing your girlfriend forever. You must do some efforts to make her happy and realize her that she is your priority and small fights cannot create distance between you two.

Suggestions to make up things with your Girlfriend

Never Lie-Never lie to your girlfriend, she is part of your life and you must share your things with her. Whatever the reason of your fight, tell her all the truth and settle down the things with her.

Write a Sorry Note– Write down a sorry note and put it in her purse, she will be so happy to see your note in office or at work area and forgive you for your fault.  A sorry with a smile written in your hand writing is a best idea to make her happy.

Surprise Her- Surprise your girlfriend by taking her out to her favorite restaurant or by making her favorite dish by your own from a recipe book.  She will be happy to see your efforts for her and will definitely forgive you.

Make her Laugh- She must cried after the fight and it’s your responsibility to make her laugh and happy. Tell her some jokes and bring her smile back.

Gift her Something-    Buy her something special what she is expecting from you and or get a pleasant gift which can make her happy.

Share your Things- You must share your entire positive and negatives things with her. Share your office stuff and problems to make her part of your life.

Spend Quality Time– Give her much of your time and importance. Let her realize your love through your gestures and make her content with togetherness.

A Bit of Romance– Romance is as important in love as water for life. Little romantic things can make her forget every bad aspect of life and make things regular.