Online Relationship Advice

Online relationship advice and instructions are not just the tips to help you find a companion online. But also a word of caution you need to exercise to stay safe from all the possible cyber-crimes. Online relationship advices and tips will help you maximise the benefits of the chat rooms without running into troubled waters.  Online relationship advice is required because along with the virtues of the real world the vices have also penetrated the cyber world. You can find your match online easily but it takes a great deal of scrutiny to ascertain the truth and reliability of this match. Online relationship advice and tips prove useful in this task.

Online relationship advice is also required because the digital love life is not very different from the real world love story. It involves all the emotions, sentiments and actions of the tangible world. This is why it is equally heart wrecking if the cyber world lover deceives you. Furthermore, all that you know about your dream date is through his/her photos, username and whatever he/she writes to you. All your decisions about the relationship are based on your virtual friend’s words only. In such a scenario it is easy to mislead a person.  Online relationship advice and strategies will help you detect such behaviour and take necessary precautions.

Online Relationship Advice

However this does not mean that the online world can’t yield positive results.  There are many happy couples around the world who met through internet and they stay together for life. Online relationship advice is all about hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Online relationship advice prepares you for both the immense deception and great honesty awaiting you in the cyber world.

Valentine carnival has come up with an extensive list of online relationship advices and strategies for your peaceful digital life. Enjoy a trouble free online relationship with these tips.

Online Relationship Advice and Tips

For online Interaction:

  • It is okay to talk about your hobbies and outing with friends. You must never divulge your personal information like address, bank account information, financial status, family problems etc. while interacting online.
  • It is wise to hold yourself back when you are chatting online and open up gradually. For your initial conversations general topics like love, relationships, cinema, food and the like can be selected rather than talking about your ex or your college. These are the topics over which strangers can connect. Such topics will also give the other person a chance to talk. This also gives a fair idea of the person’s intellectual level and taste.
  • Take utmost care not to sound needy or vulnerable to your online buddy. It not only presents you as a soft target, but also makes the other person feel awkward.
  • Also it is advised not to lend money to your chat room friend for whatsoever reasons. It can be a fraud. However such requests should be rejected in a clear, polite and straight forward manner.
  • If your internet friend asks you to send him/her a video or photo of yours, sensuous or otherwise, you must not entertain such requests and deny firmly. In such cases, you can take a tough stand if he/she insists repeatedly.
  • You must never believe your net friend blindly, photos and other data can be deceptive. You should follow your instincts rather than taking things on face value.
  • You must never step out of your comfort zone for your internet friend. When you go over the board to do something for him/her, it is a sign of you falling for that virtual friend. Such act might provoke him/her to take advantage of you.
  • It should be noted here that the dating rules which apply to the real world are also true for the cyber world as well. If the person on the other end abuses you or sounds possessive or fanatic regarding you, do not take time to bid adieu to your virtual love interest.

For meeting:

  • The most important online relationship advice when you decide to sync your virtual world with the real one is- keep your family members and close friends informed about your meetings with your chat room friend. The date or the meeting should be in a public place you are familiar with. You should always take a friend along for the initial few meetings.
  • While it is easy to fake online, it is difficult to lie when talking face to face. Therefore, due attention must be paid to the body language, gestures and similar non-verbal cues while interacting with the person. You should ask your net friend questions about his/her work, daily routine, marital status etc. and analyse his reactions while he/she answer your questions. Any reluctance or hesitation from his/her side is not a good sign.
  • If it is possible to access the criminal records of your area or city, you must not hesitate to check it to ascertain your perfect match’s innocence.