Love Proposal Letters

Besides being a beautiful medium of love expression, love proposal letters are the best way to mingle your souls. It’s a pretty idea to reveal your emotions in personal, but love proposal letters for him/her bears your heart and it can be cherished by your beloved forever. However, to pen down one is not that easy and after writing few lines, you prefer to start from the beginning. Well, this is because letter to propose love is all about reflecting your deepest sentimentsfor the one who has fascinated your soul in such a beautiful manner. So, you need to understand that for a love proposal letter the thing that matters the most is be yourself and the way you present it. Remember that this is a letter and silly mistakes can affect its impression. This doesn’t mean that you have to master any particular language, but it does imply correct use of words with a mesmerising effect of your feelings. Now, if you are sure that you want to be with that person and desire to express the purity of your love in a magnificent way, then pour your heart in a love proposal letter for him/her.

If you have been thinking for long and not able to describe your feelings or wondering on how to write a love proposal letter, think no further as we get you some interesting love proposal letter samples. We are sure that after reading them, you will write some of the best love proposal letters and create that disarming charm on the heart of your dream valentine.

Write a one that bears your heart and soul to make it the most important moment of your life and if he/she is delighted to receive it, you both can cherish it for the rest of your lives.

Love Proposal Letter Sample

1. Dear Jack,

I wanted to the tell you about my feelings in person but then I thought I would write them in a letter, so you can hold on to this piece of paper no matter what your answer is. Jack, I have been in love with you for the past year. It is only now that I cannot bear to keep my feelings to myself.
I did not tell you of my feelings because I feared losing you as friend. One has to be really lucky to have a friend like you. You have been there for me in the worst of times, and I feared I would lose an amazing friend like you forever. But now, I wanted to tell you the truth as each moment away from you feel like a thousand deaths. I would rather lose you and live in sorrow, than spend the rest of my life wondering what if…
I hope you will not hate me, but what choice did I have? You are the most wonderful guy I have ever met and not falling in love with was never an option for me. It is impossible to find someone who is so striking in heart and form. I love you. This is the first time I have been in love and I am glad that fell in love with such a wonderful person. Even if you do not feel the same I can go through life knowing that I fell in love with the right guy.
There is so much more to say and yet I can say no more. All I can I hope that God has taken mercy on me and destined the best person in the world in my life. Waiting for your answer.

2. Dearest Caroline,

You are the person I have been dreaming all my life, so allow me to express my profound love for you. You are the most precious thing in my life. I fancy of the days when we will be together and spending all the beautiful nights, holding hands of each other.
You have captivated my heart in the manner that I have no work left other than thinking and dreaming of yourself. Your memories are invaluable treasure of my life, which is secure in my soul. The time spent with you was the most mesmerizing and delightful of my life. I take this opportunity to ask for your consent if you want to be my life partner.
My tender love, my affectionate hug and my fond kisses are always with you. This letter is a token of my love for you.
With love.

3. My lovely Erica,

It is a real pleasure and a matter of importance for me to be near you my only one. It seems to me that there was no bright life for me till I met you and got in love with you at once. Your heart has always meant   so much to me and I cannot stop smiling while thinking about you. I am so happy when I wake up, when I meet you and hold   my princess in my arms. I wish our relationship would be so pure as they are now forever. I just cannot imagine my single day without a look at you, without your bright and shining smile. Will you be my loveliest second half, whom I will help, take care and love with all my big heart? I miss my honey every second and even while writing the letter.
Now that you know the best way to express your feelings, it will be more endearing if you add up something innovative from your side. Trust us; a love proposal letter really touches the heart.