Missing You Letters

Missing one’s partner is the hardest part for lovers. Tell your mate how much you miss him or her with a heart melting missing you letter. But if you think that you do not possess command over words or always mess it up while writing down your feelings. We will help you to write a perfect and touching missing you letter to your love. To be expressive with your missing you letter, all that you have to do is concentrate on your feelings and be clear about them.

With your missing you letter to your beloved tell your partner how much you think about him/her at every single moment. And you miss her/him in every act of your daily routine. How hard it is to go to work without seeing her/his smiling face. That you can’t eat the food until someone special has asked you for it. You can’t look at yourself in the mirror till he/she has praised you for your good looks. How much you need your beloved for sound sleep and sweet dreams. You are incomplete without him/her. And sometimes you get irritated with everything around and all that you need is a smile from your loved one or a message from his/her saying ‘I miss you’.

The tips and samples of missing you letters in the next segment will guide you in framing a flawless, emotive and poignant letter to your beloved better half. We assure that your sweet missing you letter will surely move your love.

Tips for Writing Missing You Letters

  • Your letter should always be grammatically correct and be lucid in expression.
  • You should never use difficult vocabulary. As your lover might have to check the dictionary for it and that will take away the magic of the missing you letter.
  • You must try to limit the humour element in the letter if you want to make a sentimental effect.
  • Your tone should be subtle in the letter, especially if you are writing to a new partner. So that you do not come across as a miserable person in your missing you letter. 
  • If your love has no interests in poetry, do not use it.
  • Also if your partner is very practical and rational sorts, you should restrain from using out of the world expressions. Likewise, take due care to be true about your feelings. 

Sample Missing You Letters

Letter 1

My Life,

If I look at the calendar, it’s been only four months that I have seen your charming face. But when I look inside me, it’s like a century has passed since I last embraced your presence. It seems like my patience has run out and I can’t bear it any more. I miss you every moment of life. I sometimes feel like I need you more than I need oxygen. I don’t find any fun in the office gossips or with friends. All the excitement and pleasure of my life has gone with you. I know you love me more than I do. And I also agree that job should be the priority and it is one of the necessities of our lives. But please finish your project quickly and come back as soon as possible and complete my life. This hollowness in my heart is killing me.
With lots of love

Letter 2


We had been the best part of each other’s life for quite a while now. We had the most wonderful memories together which are hard to get over with. You filled my life with all the happiness and love in the world.  I never had any argument with you on any issue, we always agreed to each other’s opinions and choices. But my love this is the first time my heart is saying no to what you have decided. Your decision of being apart and chose different paths is hurting me more than anything in the world. I tried my best to accept the reality and learn to live without you and not to miss you but it seems harder than bringing the moon to the earth. I miss you in every breath, every second and in the blink of my eyes. I am nothing without you and I admit that I love you more than anything else in this world. I hope that you must be feeling the same without me and I wish to hear from you soon. I really want to bring back those good old days filled with lovely moments of love and romance.

Your Love