New Year Songs

New Year songs can set the perfect ambiance for the celebration of New Year eve. On this day, world is giving adieu to one year and welcomes the other. One needs to have some awesome collection of New Year songs to match the enthusiasm of celebration. No matter if we are planning to party hard on the New Year’s Eve or staying at home for a quite celebration, New Year songs set the perfect mood for festive spirit all over. There have been many singers with varied ballads of New Year but only some has matched the level and reached the list of top 10 New Year songs in world. Tune into these songs that align with the New Year theme and get yourself in the spirit to rock the New Year’s night. You can also dedicate some rocking tracks to your near and dear ones to make them feel special on this grand occasion of celebration. As the clock strikes 12, make sure you play interesting New Year songs, because without them you cannot have a rocking year ahead. Avoid the same old New Year’s Eve music playlist and play the following songs to keep your party guests in the groove all night long.

The song list includes a variety of songs for entertainment and nostalgia. Every track in the list can take you and your guest to the dance floor and make you move your body and welcoming the New Year with joy and enthusiasm via rocking ballads of New Year.

Top 10 New Year Songs

  1. Auld Lang Syne by Relient K
    Music lovers are great fans of Relient k for his humorous and sarcastic lyrics of songs. This song Auld Lang Syne has been in the list of most popular song since a long time.
  2. Brand New Year (My Revolution) by SHeDaisy
    Brand New Year (My Revolution) has been the anthem of nation for New Year eve. Move your body on bright and encouraging song by the sisters of the country SheDaisy.
  3. Seasons of Love by Cast of RENT (movie soundtrack)
    Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes/how do you measure a year in the life? Powerhouse vocals by Tracie Tomas will give you the chills and the words and beautiful harmonies
    give you a chance to reflect on the past year.
  4. Nothin’ New for the New Year by Harry Connick, Jr. and George Jones
    This song is for lost lovers who have no craze for New Year but somehow manage to pass the time. The two great vocals Harry Connick, Jr. and George Jones has given their best to the song and made it worth of playing on New Year eve.
  5. Funky New Year by the Eagles
    Eagles classic rock and roll to put energy in coming New Year with loud music and lot of fun lyrics to play is great choice.
    Enjoy the song and make your guest dance on upbeats of song.
  6. New Year by Charlie Hall
    The worship leader’s style shines brightly in this inspirational song of praise. “This is a new year/this is a new day to rise, shine, lift up your eyes.
  7. New Year by The Beautiful Republic
    With melodies reminiscent of Sixpence None the Richer, this new Christian quintet offers a hopeful and beautifully harmonized New Year song.
  8. Another Year Has Gone By by Céline Dion
    This song is for couples who have been there for each other and experienced a great year and look for same in coming year. Awesome lyrics which touch the heart and let you feel the love inside.
  9. My! My! Time Flies by Enya
    My! My! Song by Enya has given her great entry in album songs and has managed to make her name in the list of great singers in the year 2008.
  10. Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace)/Auld Lang Syne” by Yo-Yo Ma
    It is the perfect way to end one year and begin another: a reflection on the past and a prayer of peace for the future.