Life Poems

Life is an experience of all the things and situation we face through the time. We struggle we achieve and fail; we face challenges and win the race. Everything we do and fight to live a good life is called life. Some decisions change our life completely and some takes us to brighter side and some to dark. We may have good time or bad but everything has to go after some time, nothing in the world is fixed for life time. An individual has to learn live life with changes and some inspirational life poems and thoughts are very strong and mold the way of living life in a good way.

Some poets have described life in a very impressive and innovative way, with a deep meaning and significance of its different phases in life. The poems inspire to live life in an optimistic way and learn things from the ups and downs of life.

Best Inspirational Life Poems

Life’s A Gift By SharonAnn Dawson
Life’s a gift for you to send
Life’s a gift for god to end
Life’s a gift now you’re with me
Life’s a gift for all to see
Life’s a gift when love is true
Life’s a gift when times look blue
Life’s a gift with the one you trust
Life’s a gift even if UN just
Life’s a gift a ray of sun
Life’s a gift though your heads held to a gun
Life’s a gift when its handed on a tray
Life’s a gift even though it’s always on display
Life’s a gift it’s hard to understand how
Life’s a gift so take advantage of it now

Life is a ride
Life is a ride
it goes up and down
and sometimes you have to run
or turn around
so many things happen
a lot of drama to take
but we live through it
leaving behind each mistake
you bought yourself a ticket
and now you’re on the ride
so make the best of it
don’t jump off the side
so put on a smile
you’ll survive a bump on the way
and then you’ll be shooting up again
because that’s the price you have to pay

The Miracle by Michael Anderson
There is a majestic quality-
In everyone for all to see.
Some keep it hidden, some never realize-
The magnificence they hold in others’ eyes.
Ah, yes, life itself is the gift.
Though the memory, itself, Time doth sift.
And some might think the reverence gone-
As those we love one by one pass on.
But the intricacies Fate doth weave-
In commemoration for all who grieve.
Are the blessings given to rebirth-
From souls no-longer of this earth.
At first notice I came undone,
My father staring at me through my son.
But, now, in joy I ascertain-
Through him, my father lives again.
I look to heavens’ resounding grace-
Renewed appreciation of life and my place
Knowing as each newborn child opens their eyes-
The miracle continues, no one really dies