Courtship Advices

Courtship Advices will guide you to form the dearest memorabilia of both of you and a story to narrate to your grandchildren. This period of mutual agreement and understanding between you two on marital issue will bridge your present with the day you say “I do”. Though there are no hard and fast rules set in for courtship period, there are few guide lines which are worth following. This will help out to have a romantically strong bonding between the couple. These advices are the ones that will prove useful in the long run after taking the marriage vows. Courtship Advices are the stepping stones to maintain a long – lasting and successful relationship that might eventually lead to marriage. Marriage is a life time institution which needs to be done with the full assurance and security. And Courtship advice will give you the ways to get assure about your partner for marriage.

By spending time together, one can judge the person in better ways and plan for the future also. During the period of courtship couples do discuss about the future planning thus this is the time which needs special attention. This particular phase is a wonderful time period which may include agreements, enjoyment and many memories to be cherished later in life.

Courtship period is the best time to know your partner well. This becomes loving and adoring if carried out maintaining few guide lines. So get along the Courtship Advicegiven here and prepare yourself for your courtship period.

Top 10 Courtship Advice

  • Patience– Patience is the key to many problems. Be calm and patience, you both are engaged not married. Don’t expect much from your partner. Don’t put all your plans on fire you are yet to marry him/her.  Look for his/her suggestions and decisions also, don’t misuse your enthusiasm and charisma in wrong place.
  • Give Space to your Partner– you both share the same place in each other’s life.  Have some empathy when taking decision for him or asking something to him. Would you like to answer someone about your every act if not then give some space to your partner also? Don’t bind your partner into bondage instead make him/her free and prove your trust and love for him/her.
  • Stop taking each other for Granted– It is painful to be taken for granted the feeling of ignorance and avoidance is very bad. Don’t make your partner feel so. Give attention to his/her words, feelings and stories. Courtship is the time period to get more close to each other not to avoid and let things happen in their own way.
  • Avoid Arguments– You may have arguments in your courtship but don’t let them become fights and matter of concern for your marriage. Soon you both are going to marry and these arguments can create distance between you.  Always resolve if there is any issue but don’t let any issue become argument.
  • Emotional Intimacy– Courtship advice suggests you to create a strong bonding of emotions with each other, share your grief and past experiences. Laughing together, crying on shoulders and praying for each other. These emotional intimacies help a lot to build strong base for marriage.
  • Be Available- So many things demands people’s attention today. Yet in the midst of all the distractions courting partners must make some sacrifices to be available with each other. This will help them have a better understanding of each other emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially.
  • Be Honest- Don’t date a person you are not interested in. Be honest and say reveal the truth rather creating complicacies in the future. Just for the sake of your family don’t spoil someone else’s dream and life.
  • Be a Friend- Allow the basis of your dating relationship grow on companionable friendship and not lovers for it’s much easier to get to know the real person as a friend than as a lover. However, friends can become good lovers with time.
  • Leave your Past- To have a happy marital life it is necessary to have a healthy courtship. During this phase you should break all previous ties and move on leaving your past behind. This will not only allow you to appreciate your new partner but will also give you a fresh start towards a fulfilling life.
  • Discuss Important Issue- Courtship is the time when you should discuss about what you expect from your life, from your partner or other important decisions of life. This will give both of you a clear picture of each other’s interests and expectations making the days to come bright and sunny.