Advice For A Successful Long Distance Relationship

It is really hard and tough to maintain a happy and strong long distance relationship with such physical differences between two partners. It has been said that “distance makes heart fonder” is that true? Are you really feeling the same? The confusion and misunderstandings created by long distance between the two souls are very difficult to handle but not that impossible. If you really love someone and living apart from him for any valid reason, no matter you can still have a pleasant life and lovely relationship with your partner.

By establishing a few ground rules and engaging in creative methods of communication, however, you can make a long-distance relationship thrive. Before you give up on fanning the flames of your long-distance romance, consider employing these strategies to keep your long-distance love hot.

7 Best Advice For A Successful Long Distance Relationship

Set Rules

Set rules about everything before getting apart, it will make easy to both of you to understand each other and always available. Your timing of calls, meeting in the certain gaps and exchanging love notes and letters must be discussed and planned prior to all.

Do the same

If you value your office timing than do the same for your partner. Make sure to plan your calls according to the comfort of both and hanging out with friends and opposite gender as your partner is going. Freedom must be equally divided between the partners.

 Communicate Daily

With new technologies, it is no more expensive and hard to get connected with your partner. Make yourself free to communicate with your partner and discuss all your routine life with your partner. Skype is a good option to talk with video calling and it saves your penny as well.

 Trust Each Other

Trust is the strongest pillar of any relation and for LDR; it is the best advice for a successful long distance relationship. There is no way that you will know about your partner doings 24*7 and you need to trust him for all his activities and words he tells you.

Share Your Insecurities

The much you share your feelings whether it is positive or negative, it will make your relationship strong. Share all your insecurities and securities with him. It will help you to get relax and clear all your doubts. When you hide things from your partner and let it to add up more and more with the days and finally when it comes out, it is unmanageable. So it is always advised to talk often about your doubts and insecurities.

Don’t be judgmental

If your boyfriend hasn’t called you one day and hang up the phone in five minutes next day. It doesn’t mean that he is in hurry to meet his new girlfriend or want to ignore you for his passion in his life. It might be his work or some emergency which he will let you know when he is done with that. Patience is the greatest key here which strengthens your bonding with trust ad love.


You really love your partner and doing all the best you can for holding your relation then commit it to your partner as well. Commitment gives you and your partner more strength and courage to fight with obstacles of long distance relationship and make it easy for you to put efforts for your life partner.