Romantic Game Ideas

It’s always better to keep your romantic life spiced up and full of excitement, because you never know when you and your partner might start getting bored by each other. It doesn’t mean that you stop loving rather states how mundane romances can get if not spiced up regularly. Romantic Game Ideas are a wonderful way to add a little zing to your relationship. Be it long term or short, these Romantic Game Ideas can be used to liven up or get comfortable with your partner romantically.

The list of romantic game ideas will help you to have excitement and fun in your relationship. Choose the best idea to play with your partner.

Romance in board games- Make your own rules of romance and have fun with your partner. There are many board games which have set of rules to play and to put a clinch of romance in your life , you can make your own romantic rules like instead of paying money as punishments, you need to pay hugs and kisses to your partner and head and shoulder massage to your partner.

Romantic body painting- Painting on your lover’s body is great fun. Get some editable body paint and start playing with your partner. Be creative and use variety of colors to draw beautiful pieces of art in the body of your partner. Below the painting don’t forget to write down your name or some romantic words, and let your partner guess about the letters you are writing. Don’t forget to take picture of your romantic game and have all the fun in future as well by rejuvenating the memories of beautiful game.

Romantic spelling games- This is really a fun game to play with your boyfriend take off his shirt and write some alphabets by your finger tip and ask him to guess them. Tease him by writing small and big letters sometimes and jumble up things.  This is one of the famous romantic ideas for lovers to enjoy their time with lots of fun and excitement.

“I Love…” games- This is a game which give you plenty of reason to love each other more and more. You can play this game anytime and anywhere while travelling watching TV and doing some household work. You just need to fill the sentence I love you with a reason of love like I love you because of unique style and I love you for your amazing food.

Romantic treasure hunts- Get some gifts and put them around the house or simply write down some love messages and hide them. Ask your partner to search the love treasure and give him more surprise with love hugs and kisses. This will be real fun to write something on notes and ask your partner to hunt them and then gift him the things written on it.