Romantic Stories for Boyfriend

Romance and care are two essential parts of strong love relationship. Romantic stories play a very important part in any relation as they affect the lover’s heart directly with the effective words and emotions in the story. Romance is the most heart pumping element of love which leads to manage much of the things of any romantic relationship. There are romantic stories to tell your boyfriend which can arouse romance between the lovers and can lead to an exotic relation between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Romantic stories are natural and real for lovers and they relate themselves with it.   Tell your boyfriend a romantic story on your date and win his heart with the exotic words and emotions in the story. Ask your boyfriend to help you to make your own romantic story with love and romance and create the ambience with the help of romantic stories.

Top 5 Romantic Stories for Boyfriend

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon-   This is a story of Claire Beauchamp who travels back in time and fall in love with the soldier Jamie who is opposite of her husband and she stuck in a confusion to choose between two eras and select the partner of her life from her husband and her love.  The love and romance in the story and finally the dilemma of the woman will make you think about her day and night.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte- This 150 year old story will make you think about the love and emotional support of Edward Rochester for her lover Jane Eyre who was an orphan and used to live with her aunt with so much difficulties and emotional torture. She fined a job and there she finds love of her life. It shows how love can heal all the pains.

Once and always by Judith McNaught- This story is romantic to tell your boyfriend that how Victoria Seaton who was so beautiful but unfortunate to be orphan child and fought a lot with so many difficulties to get her heritage back. How she felt in love with tarnished Lord Jason Fielding and took so much time to know about her own feelings of love and romance for him.

Morning Glory by Lavyrle Spencer- This is a story about Will Parker who was not happy and satisfies with the new town and decided to leave it till he finds the classified ad for a woman searching for husband.   This was the turning point for him and changes his life for entwines.

The Bride By Julie Garwood-   The mighty Scottish Alec Kincaid must have an English bride and he chooses the youngest daughter of Baron Jamison, Jamie who was so beautiful with violet eyes.  Jamie was not impressed with highland barbarian. He did everything to conquer her.