Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

Where February 14th is the day to celebrate all your romantic feelings and make enthralling memories with presents, worst Valentine’s Day gifts can turn your love moment into a gawky one. Yes, this is not just a nightmare, if you are not prepared well, then your love-filled Valentine’s Day gifts can actually leave your eye-candy fuming. We all know that Valentine’s Day is all about romance and letting your beloved realise your deep love for him/her. However, have you ever imagined that would happen if you are not getting right love presents for your valentine? If no, then think twice before you plan out anything memorable for this special day of love. This is not because you have decided something boring or crazy; it’s just that they aren’t meant for beautiful occasion as Valentine’s Day. It’s always better to you know about terrible and worst gifts for Valentine’s Day, before you land up in an awkward situation and keep your beloved guessing what went wrong in your head.

It’s said that presents are meant to bring you closer, but worst Valentine gifts are those which will compel your loved one to celebrate Slap Day on 15th and thus you should avoid them at every cost. So, at last which are the worst Valentine’s Day gifts ever? Well, we won’t keep you guessing anymore as February 14th is on its way.

Now, if you don’t wish to annoy your beloved, have a look at the list of our top 10 worst Valentine’s Day gifts and avoid presents that can essentially hamper your love celebrations.

10 Worst Gifts for Valentine’s Day

  1. Hobby gifts- Its good if you know about likes and dislikes of your beloved, but it’s not at all a great idea to surprise him/her with any of their hobby gifts. Valentine’s Day is meant for love and you should think of giving something that expresses togetherness or kick-starts a passionate endeavour. Seriously, remember that a sewing machine or fishing gear are one of the top 10 worst Valentine gifts and avoid presenting them to your dear ones.
  2. Recipe book- No matter how good or bad cook your partner is, never ever think of gifting her with a recipe book on Valentine’s Day. She loves you and expects you to respect her caring gestures. Giving a recipe book for Valentine’s Day is worst as this would show that she needs to improve her culinary skill and you can’t see anything else above food.
  3. Valentine’s Day doormat- So what if it’s a Valentine’s Day, your lover would never like to step over that heart doormat of yours. If you really wish to gift something mesmeric, you can simply go for heart shaped and personalised bedcovers, pillows or cushions.
  4. Tool box- If you don’t want to get screwed this Valentines, then avoid gifting a tool box to your lover. Just imagine, would you like it if he/she did the same? Of course not, then don’t ever think about it. Instead of gifting screw drivers, hammers or drilling machines, go for romantic dinners, vacations and movies. Work on how you can excite him to show off his romantic side, rather than muscular one.
  5. Cute pup- Are puppies really for love? Well, on Valentine’s Day surely not and this is what makes it list amongst the worst gifts. Not everyone is fond of puppies and cleaning away their slobber. First find out whether your partner loves to go for long walks with or without you having a dog aside and then plan to gift it.
  6. Stationery bike- If you are planning to gift stationery or exercising bike to your beloved on Valentine’s Day, remember you are being harsh on their appearance. By doing this you are stating clearly that your valentine is undoubtedly bulging out of weight and needs to check it before you dump him/her.
  7. Toasters and Stuff- It so adores if you have decided to get home appliances for your lover, perhaps to make her work easier, but as a Valentine’s Day gift- aah its worst, even awful. Well, you don’t want to be presented with a slap on the following day, then please avoid worst gifts for Valentine’s Day, including electric floor scrubber, toaster or juicers. Well, on the second thought you can gift in case you are seriously planning to dump her.
  8. Death metal concert- Valentine’s Day celebration of love and romance, never dare to forget this. Instead of buying tickets to death concert, you can always play it softer by watching enthralling romantic movie at home and cuddle up with your sweet heart. Also if you wish to indulge in some outdoor fun, you can go for hayride or camping.
  9. Dancing soft toys- Your lady love is grown up and it’s time for you to act the same. Soft toys, be it small or big or even dancing is a strict no –no, especially if you are planning to gift something that can signify your feelings. Remember Valentine’s Day is the time for expressing passionate feelings and carnal toys can be your best pick to drive him/her crazy.
  10. Last minute roses- Nothing can say love better than bunch of flowers, but on Valentine’s Day it needs to be planned well in advance. You are not alone celebrating this most awaited occasion of love; there are billions of others as well. If you plan it last minute and that too only a bunch of roses as a gift, you will not be able to do anything innovative and this would surely not please your lover. If you want to express your love with flowers and roses, think of something extraordinary, rather than the regular stuff.