Valentine Symbols

Totems of love like heart, cupid, roses and etc. are actually used as Valentine symbols as this day is considered as the best day to celebrate love. Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love and emotions to your significant one in a special ways with the help of valentine symbols which signifies love and romance. These valentine’s symbols are very evocative in nature and lovers always take help of them to express their feelings to their beloved. Valentine symbols have a different meaning of their own and with their symbolical language they enunciate the divine language of love.

Valentine symbols signify different feelings of love and care. Love can be passionate, peaceful, impish or deep sentimental which can be expressed with the co-related symbol of it. Since ages, lovers are using these valentine symbols to show love to their significant others on various days but mostly valentine symbols are used on Valentine’s Day as a present of love.

Valentine symbols supersede feeling of love into a tangible present which is kept by lovers as a special present. Valentine symbols were earlier used as the way to send love messages to partners and some were used by introvert lovers who were unable to express or say their feelings to their beloveds. Now, even in the advance world of technologies, we were witnessing those required love symbols as valentine symbols and valentine gifts for their love partners.

Valentine Symbols of Love

  • Cupid – A mischievous little boy with impish smile and accessories like bow and quiver of arrows who is said to be son of Venus is quite popular valentine symbol.  It is believed by many mythologies, that he pierces arrows upon people and that makes them fall in love.  He is prevalent love around the globe. Cupid in the Roman mythology has Eros, the son of Aphrodite, as his counterpart in the Greek Myths. The names of both these Gods are used synonymously with the concept of love today.
  • Rose – Flowers are the most beautiful creativity of God in this Earth and it reflects the most beautiful feeling of mankind that is love. A corsage of red roses symbolizes love, compassion, peace, friendship and romance. If we juggle the letters of the word ROSE we get EROS, who is the God of Love. Thus, red roses are considered as the best gift of love in present world since ancient times.
  • Ribbons and frills – Another valentine symbol is ribbon and frills which have been used by the Knights when they used to go for battles and tie a handkerchief on their arms presenting by their beloved ladies as love symbol which protects them from enemy. Since then it came in existence that a handkerchief with ribbons and frills on it are love symbols which later on used by women to show their love and affection by dropping their handkerchief on the bath of their love-interest man.
  • Dove – Dove have names of love birds because of the unique and lovely belief about them which says that dove find their partner on 14 February and have very deep emotions for their partners. Dove symbolizes loyalty, fidelity and love. Lovebirds, the small birds with colorful plumage, commonly found in Africa, are so called because they tend to get cozy with each other and can’t survive without each other.
  • Hearts – Valentine symbol heart is the most special and overwhelming symbol of love. When a lover presents a heart shaped gift to their love, it shows the deep feelings of love which says that “I’m all your now” as heart is at the center of one’s existence. Lovers have used heart as symbol of love and most profound emotions are expressed by this. Now, one can find many options of gift presents in the heart shape which can represent the special gift of valentine on the lovely day of 14th Feb.
  • Love Knots – Love knots are actually love messages used as valentine symbol from an old time. Since the time, Muslim women used to send their love messages to their beloved via love knots of carpets those are considered very romantic today and followed by many lovers. Love knots are romantic tangible memory for life time.