Valentine’s Day Games

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in various ways with Valentine Day games and activities. If you are planning to throw a valentine day party on the special day of love and romance then these valentine day games ideas will help you to entertain your guest in the best possible manner. Valentine day is a day of love and filled with affluence of romance. Valentine Day activities and valentine day games must include lots of fun with impish activities of love. The ambience in Valentine’s Day party can be filled with romantic fun and fine activities with valentine games which include everyone in the party. These types of activities and games help in gaining and maintaining a feeling of togetherness and help the guest to know each other better.

Valentine Day games are fun to play and apparent of love and romance between friends. For incessantly love and romance on Valentine’s Day try out some valentine day activities and games to have great fun and enjoyment. Valentine Day games help couples to confide their feelings of love and emotions to their partners in a romantic way. Valentine games are rave and help you confide your partner with love facts camouflaged till date.

Valentine Day is day to prove your partner your love and emotions and what could be better than saying your feelings in front of all near and dear ones. Find the interesting games mustered below to make your valentine day much more interesting and zestful with your guest.  Get a blissful experience for your partner by playing valentine day games in your party.

Best Valentine’s Day Games

  • Valentine words scramble– word scramble is anyways a fun game and when it includes teams and romantic words of valentine like kiss, love and romance, it gets more interesting and fun to play. Scramble each of the words and make copies of the list for each guest. The guests then get 2 minutes to fix all the disorganized words. The guest who finishes the most words in the time allotted gets the prize.
  • Quick Kiss– Hide Hershey Kisses around the room and have your guests raced to see who can find the most kisses. The person who finds the greatest number of kisses is the winner of the game. Ask the winner to kiss his/her valentine in front of others and enjoy the valentine day romantically.
  • Saying Love you in songs– out of all the valentine day games, this one is really romantic, ask all  guest to say “I love you “or their feelings to their partner but in a romantic songs, rhythmic way. You can pick 3 to 4 individuals as judges, and ask them to rate the competitors. The judges can rate the contestants on their enthusiasm, the song that they choose, and how well it is presented. The couple who gets the highest rating wins the competition. Every couple has to pick a different song to express their love to their partner.
  • How much you know your Sweetheart-This is a fun game to play with couples at a party. Hand out two sheets of paper to each of your guests. Then ask them to write 5 things they like on one sheet of paper, and 5 things their partner likes on the other sheet of paper. The list could include anything from food to books to movies, or even vacation spots. The couple who gets the highest number of matches wins the game. This can really rejuvenate love in partners and show them how close they are and will be fun to everyone to know more about the group and their compatibility and companionship with each other.
  • A Special Valentine Message- This valentine day games is really funny and exciting and it goes till the end of the valentine party. Fill some balloons with helium and put folded valentine messages in balloon then attach them to the ceiling with tape. Write valentine love quotes in every message but pick out one and write “winner of valentine”, ask all guest to pick one balloon and find out the messages written in it. Astonish the winner with pleasant gift of chocolates or cookies. This game will decorate your place with beautiful balloons and later on clean up all the stuff by laying the game. This is an interesting way to surprise your guest and make valentine day special with the sweets as a surprise.
  • Valentine Dance Moves- It is quite famous game for valentine, ask all the couples to come on dance floor and place a newspaper on a floor and ask every couple to dance on the paper only. The one who moves out from the paper will be out of the game and with every new song, fold the paper that will reduce the space in every song and lastly announce the winner who manages to dance in the shortest of space by carrying her partner in his arms. This will be very romantic game and couples will enjoy the songs and carnal dance steps with each other.