Valentine’s Day Kisses

No matter how many expensive presents and surprises you plan for February 14thValentine Day kisses remain the most cherished gift for this fascinating celebration of love and romance. Valentine’s Day is a really special occasion to reveal your inmost feelings to your beloved and you scout for newer ways to do the same. But have you ever thought that what all it takes to stimulate your deepest heart desires and make up for a warm intimate moment for you two? If no, then always remember that a mesmerising and delicious romantic kiss on Valentine’s Day is the most beautiful way of expressing your love emotions. You don’t have to do something extraordinary to value the defining moment of your love; you can do it in simpler and more meaningful ways. A great romantic peck or an intense lip lock can be your best bet to raise those chemistry bars higher. 

Now, after reading all this goody things about romantic Valentine’s Day kisses, you must have start dreaming on how to put your carnal desires into action. However, before marching ahead with your feelings, you need to learn that perfect art of seduction through flawless romantic kiss. Well, if you are aware of it, really impressive, but if you are not, then we get you some hot tips and rules for a great Valentine’s Day kiss. Also different types of romantic kisses will let you add that sizzling spark in your love relationship.

Follow these 8 tips and rules for a great Valentine’s Day kiss to make your beloved feel temped, seduced and above all loved by you irresistibly.

8 Tips & Rules for a Great Valentine’s Day Kiss

  • Prepare a ground- Instead of tossing on the thought that who will initiate, prepare a ground to get closer and connect to each other deeply. If you want to make your kiss a mesmerising affair on Valentine’s Day, then learn that you don’t have to kick-start it. Start from the beginning i.e. tender peck on cheeks, eye-lids, nose and finally lustrous lips.
  • Tease to melt the desires- You want to make it all really interesting, right? Now, to give a great start to your Valentine’s Day kiss, you must learn the ways to tease your beloved and create an ambiance of tantalising love. It’s very simple. First excite your beloved with few flashes of kisses, then when he/she rushes to respond, step back and give that flirty smile. Repeat it for some time and show that there are more kisses to come.
  • More use of hands – It’s surprising but true that feel of your hands while making up for a passionate kiss can excite your valentine beyond imaginations. So, this Valentine’s Day kiss remember to run hands on back, through hair or simply caressing the face as this would trigger enigmatic sparks to enliven your intimate kissing experience.
  • Whisper sweet things- Saying sweet or naughty things to your partner when you are on kissing mode, lets him/her feel the passion in your breath. You can say anything to everything about your valentine that makes you go crazy for him/her. You can even make an eye-contact to mirror out your intense feelings for each other.
  • Kiss her over neck- Girls just love it when they are kissed ardently on their necks. Follow this simple rule for kissing on Valentine’s Day and you will win her heart all over again. Kissing on the neck will make your valentine feel more loved and desirable by you.
  • Time for some tongue game- Believe it or not, but if you want to turn on your guy, you can do it by using your tongue when you both are on your kissing spree. In other words you call it as a stimulating French kiss. Touch his lips or tongue with yours and you can make him go wilder for an endearing love moment.
  • Kiss variations- If you wish for that perfect romantic kiss on Valentine’s Day, then you have to follow some geeky rules and relive your sizzling chemistry. Everything doesn’t have to be constant. Relish your love and romance by kissing on various notes. It entirely depends on you, which way you start, but do remember to perform this art of seduction in various modes. First go slow, then a bit fast, and then again completely slow. This will make you both feel romance on newer heights.
  • Breaks to blow up your heat of love- Unless you pause and realise its passion, you won’t be able to memorise and enjoy your kiss completely. Rule for a great Valentine’s Day kiss is to take breaks in between and get ready to feel more irresistible. Intensity is heart of a passionate kiss, breaks will make you both feel more wanted and heighten the pleasure of your romantic moment.

So, now that you know the exciting tips and rules for a great Valentine’s Day kiss, you can also make it more memorable by trying out 20 Different Types of Romantic Kissing and gift yourselves a cherished intimate moment of love.