Valentine’s Day Tradition

The celebration of Valentine’s Day tradition around the world marks February 14th as the emblematic day of love. Yes, you can celebrate the beautiful feeling of love all year long, but Valentine’s Day is the time when you not only express your love, there is a lot more to it. Whether single, heart struck or attached, rejoicing the essence of love on February 14th symbolises our tribute to Saint Valentine, the one who sacrificed his being to keep honour of love alive. Throughout his existence, Saint Valentine believed sincerely in the feeling of love and affection. It was his dedication that made love bloom all over the world, without any boundaries and irrespective of different individuals. Had it not been his way, we could have never embedded the true meaning of love and affection. Besides Saint Valentine, thanking cupid, the eventual herald of love, is also an essential part in the history of Valentine’s Day tradition. Bestowing wonderful gifts, chocolates and flowers are all incredible gestures to express our endless love to our spouses, sweethearts or special ones. Moreover, celebrating this big day of love with startling passion and plenty of fanfare are perfect ways to memorialize love in all forms and follow the legacy of Valentine’s Day tradition around the world.

Besides doing your own way, it is a great fun to discover that how people in different parts of this world express their dedication and devotion to love. So, if you are wondering that how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world, then go through our list and know more about the Valentine Day tradition around the world.

Don’t get surprised to find that 7 Popular Valentine’s Day tradition and celebration around the world is a lot more than exchange of chocolates or flowers. Enjoy as you get familiar with the revelries of love expression in different countries on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day Tradition Around The World

  • Valentine’s Day Tradition in Italy – Valentine’s Day in Italy is meant exclusively for lovers. Whether proposing someone or celebrating togetherness, pampering each other with endearing gifts, extravagant dinners and memorable getaways is very much part of its wonderful Valentine tradition. Couples enjoy great time in city held shows or events celebrated with great pomp and show.
  • Valentine’s Day Tradition in Britain – Though Valentine’s Day celebration has been in practice since middle age, Great Britain started its very first revelries in seventeenth century. Exchange of mesmerising love tokens is there, but small love notes or greeting cards forms the major part of the love expression. And this surely means that more than chocolates, thoughtful cards and letters make up for a big celebration of love.
  • Valentine’s Day Tradition in Slovenia – Besides love duos, Slovenia has a lot many things to celebrate on February 14th. The country observes the day as “St. Valentine brings the keys of roots” because Slovenian farmers believe it to be the day when flowers and plants grow in huge numbers. Children receive gifts and play all day round. Well, love birds are not far behind as Valentine’s Day is considered as a great occasion for them to get married.
  • Valentine’s Day Tradition in Japan – Unlike many western countries, Japan has its magnificent way to celebrate its big day of love as here it is the women folk who have to express their love more than their partners. It’s a popular Valentine tradition that every woman gifts her beau with lovely presents, writes romantic notes for him and even completes his day by preparing delicious homemade chocolates- hon-mei. For this one reason, men in this country are surely born with lady luck smiling on them.
  • Valentine’s Day Tradition in Portugal – Making your partner happy by presenting exotic gift basket is a popular Valentine’s Day tradition in Portugal. Clubbing a gift basket with scrumptious chocolates, cheese, sweet wines and spa certificates is an ideal present to win a girl’s heart. As for the guys, liquor or preferred wines is the best trick.
  • Valentine’s Day Tradition in France – City of love has a very extraordinary custom to dedicate to the big day of love. As per the Valentine’s Day tradition in France, couples in large numbers lock a padlock on the Pont des Arts and then throw away the keys into the river. This symbolises their eternal love for each other. For the art lovers, France also has a tradition of sketching out beautiful portraits of one another. This gift acts as a perfect remembrance for the times to come.
  • Valentine’s Day Tradition in Denmark – Love poems and just poems. Yes, be it a young couple or the one engaged for long, Denmark has a tradition that a person conveys his heart message or expresses his love and feelings by writing a hearty love poem.  The best part is that you have to pose as a secret admirer and pen down your name in dots. If your beloved or desired partner guesses the correct name, she is presented with a lovely Easter egg. Besides love poems, gifting your special one with snowdrop flowers is also a wonderful Valentine’s Day tradition in Denmark.