What to Do On Valentine’s Day

With the start of the month February, first thing comes in mind is Valentine’s Day and it comes with the question what to do on Valentine’s Day. There are numerous activities which helps us to express the innermost and intimated feelings of love to our special ones. Valentine’s Day has an emotional and romantic story which innate emotions of love and romance in all hearts and on the day of 14th February. You must have baffling in your mind about the romantic gifts which are red in color and have heart shape to have impact directly on the heart or to plan something romantic and erotic to make an unforgettable memory for your partner on Valentine’s Day.

What to do valentine’s Day which will persuade the feeling of love, care, romance and intimacy with your lover. There are romantic things to do clustered by Valentine Carnival to let your partner feel lucky with loved by you. This day can be a memorable day of love with the romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day. 

What to do on Valentines Day

From sending cards, wishes or chocolates to your better-half to enjoying a lavishing party, or a candle light dinner, everything and anything is romantic and special and are best accommodate to the question what to do on Valentine’s Day.

From the list of what to do on Valentine’s Day for boyfriend or for girlfriend choose the best activities as per your and yours lover’s preference.

What to do on Valentine’s Day for Boyfriend

  • Dinner in bed- You must have gone for dinner or romantic candle light dinner with your partner so many times but have you ever tried dinner in bed which is quite romantic and seducing with erotic food and beverages.
  • Go homemade- On the day of love, gifts and surprises are not that important as something homemade gift or personal activity can do. Make your boyfriend a card that says how much you love him. Write a poem or some sweet prose.
  • Valentine Box- This Valentine, collect all your special mementos that includes everything you both have done together and was special for you. Put all those things in Valentine Box and gift the box to your partner as tangible and lifelong Valentine gift for him.
  • Help him out- If your boyfriend is the one planning your special night, channel your inner domestic and help your man out. Do some laundry, make his bed or wake him up with breakfast. It may seem old-fashioned but hey, housewives can be hot and he’ll appreciate the help.
  • Take him down memory lane- Even though Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the moment, there’s no better day to reflect on what makes you so happy with your man in the first place. A great way to celebrate your relationship is to make a scrapbook—look through old pictures, find cute stickers and paper and then channel your inner Warhol.

What to do on Valentine’s Day for Girlfriend

  • Fill the Day With Surprises- The whole day with lots of loving surprises can make the day unforgettable for your girl. Instead of spending the entire day in doing one major thing, you could plan many small surprises for her spreading through the day.
  • Reenact your first date- You can make your girl fall for you again and again by being little nostalgic with your girl. Reenact your first day, first kiss and let her know that you remember everything as that the most special days of your life. It will be like celebrating your anniversary and you can combine gifts with cards that mention how happy you are that you met her.
  • Leave a happy trail- Why not have some fun and send her on a treasure hunt? Leave rose petals leading to various spots containing little gifts, like chocolate, lingerie, a picture frame, or even a handwritten love. Just be sure the last trail leads straight to you
  • A Romantic Night out- Take your girl to the exotic place for a night out and spend some quality time with her and fill her dreams. Take your sweet girl to a romantic movie or play which she loves to watch. You could also take her for a Valentine’s Day Party where you could enjoy a close dance together to the soft romantic music.
  • Name a Star after her- Nothing is impossible in this era of technology. You can name a star by her name and show your immortal love to her. These romantic and unique gifts can make your love life at next level of commitments and togetherness.